1st Grade Math Links


10 Frame - Use this interactive tool to develop counting and number sense.
How Tall - Help Curious George measure how tall objects are using non-standard units of measure.
Place the Penguin - Use a number chart.
Odd or Even - Drag and drop the numbers into the Venn diagram.
Wash Line - Hang the clothes on the line in the correct order.  Includes odd and even.
Base 10 Counting - Groups the ones in 10's.
Let's Compare - Count 2 sets of coins and compare their values.
Compare and Order - Develop the language of comparison.
To the Market - Practice buying items with pretend money.
Math Advantage - Interactive math activities
String of Beads - Use these beads to make color patterns.
Introducing the Venn Diagram - Students sort everyday items by color.
Bar Graph Sorter - Make bar graphs online by sorting shapes or colors.
CyberChase: Bugs in the System - Clean up the bugs by making bar graphs with them.
Addition Surprise - Place the number on the grid to show an addition fact.
Base 10 Blocks - How many blocks do you need?
Are you a Math Magician? - Choose from 2 levels of each operations or choose mixed operations.
Speed Grid Addition - Click on 2 numbers that make the correct sum.
Simple Scales - Use the simple scales to weigh bears.  Very open ended activity that can be used for problem solving.
Sum Sense - Drag and drop the numbers to make correct addition sentences.

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