Letter Recognition

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Letter Naming Fluency
Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama - Use your keyboard to interact with Elmo. 
Writing Repeater - Practice writing letters and words and watch them be repeated.
Alphabet Book Game - Click on each book to put them in alphabetical order.
Letter Speed Race - Type each letter on the keyboard.  Helps with letter recognition and letter placement on the keyboard.
ABC Order - What letter comes next?
Missing Letter of the Alphabet - Use the keyboard to type in the correct letters.
Paw Park Alphabet match - Match the upper and lower case letters.
Letter Learning - Click on the letter that you hear.
ABC Whack-a-Mole - Whack the moles in ABC order.
Literacy Center - Choose from various activities, several on letter recognition.
Alphabet Zoo - Find the animals' homes by matching the upper and lowercase letters.
Clifford's Letter Match - Look at the first letter in each word.  Drag each word into the correct box.
Create-a Reader - Letter recognition activities.  3 letter sound activities are also available.

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