1940'S and WW II Memorabilia

Use the links below to find pictures for your 1940's Memory Book
History Gallery: World War II Posters World War II/Post War Era: 1940's-1950's
Truman Library: World War II Posters World War II Photos: The Home Front (click the photo name or #)
Produce for Victory: Posters on the Homefront The United States: 1940's
World War II Rationing (4 pages) World Was II Era Memorabilia
Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe - The 1940's World War II: The Homefront Artifact Museum
Quick Facts from the 30's and 40's
Additional Resources
US Mint Time Machine
The Great Depression and World War II Activity
The Price of a Penny Stirs Calls for Steel
Steel Wartime Pennies