1st Grade Science Links


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Weather Graph - This template includes a sheet for each month of the year.  Enter the daily weather conditions and temperature.  The conditions and temperature will dynamically graph each day.  Directions are included with the template.
Weather - Students drag and drop weather graphics and type the month and day to complete the 1-week calendar template. 
Weather Journal - Record the weather with this interactive journal.
Weather - Dress for the weather.
Seasons - Drag and drop the pictures into the correct season.  Right-click and choose "Save Target as" to save this PowerPoint file to the computer.  After saving the file then open it from your computer.
Variation - Sort living things into categories.
Sorting Organisms - Click on the Habitats activity.  (image not not load the activity works.) 2 sorting and 1 writing activity about organisms.  Includes a lesson plan.
Human and Animals - 6 online question and answer games about living things.
Label the Body Parts -  Click on the body parts activity (image not not load the activity works.) Drag and drop the names of the body parts into the correct location.  5 Different pictures to label.
Pest World for Kids - Explore the world of "pests".
Living Things - What, Where, When, and Why activities.
Growing Plants - Keep the plant alive and watch it grow.
Plants and Animals in the Environment - Find all the living things.
Ourselves - Determine which are living.

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