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Language Arts
Alphabetical Order - Drag and drop the words into the correct order.
Past Tense - Type the past tense of these verbs in this self-checking Excel file.
Same Difference - Choose synonyms or antonyms and then a level of play (3 levels).
Build a Sentence - Drag the words to make a sentence.  Two levels of play.
Binky's Story Scramble - Help Binky put the mixed-up Arthur stories in the right order.
The Enormous Turnip Sequencing Activity - Number the story events.
The Enormous Turnip Sequencing PowerPoint - Right-click and select "save target" as to save the PowerPoint to the computer.  Open the PowerPoint.  From slide sorter view drag and drop the slides into the correct order.  Type a sentence about the story on each slide.
Story Sequencing - Put the story of the 3 Little Pigs in the correct order.  Then write a caption for each picture.  Includes a lesson plan.
Sequencing Activities - 30 + activities to choose from ranging from 6 to 10 steps.
Dr. Stripp - Arrange the comic strip in the correct order then answer questions about the comic.
The Tales of Peter Rabbit - Sequencing, comprehension, and sentence activity.
What Can you Infer? - Read the situations and decide what you can infer.
Sequencing Lesson - Read a story, then put the events in the correct sequence.
Magic Keys Picture Clues - Use the clues to help you select the characteristic to complete the sentence.
Reading Comprehension - Read a passage and then answer questions.  Immediate feedback provided.
ReadWriteThink Story Map - Interactive graphic organizer designed to assist students in prewriting and postreading activities by focusing on the key elements of character, setting, conflict, and resolution.
Word Sort - Choose a grade level, then a unit, then complete the sort.
Word Builder - Choose a grade level, then a unit, then complete the activity.
Dig It!: Making Predictions - Read the paragraph and predict what will happen next.
Making Predictions - Predict what a story will be about by looking at its pictures.  Then read the story.
Word Family Sort - Select a vowel to complete a word sort in that vowel family.  Sorted lists are printable.
Letter Generator - Students interactively learn the parts of a letter and write their own.
Drag and Spell - Spell the word correctly by dragging the correct vowel sound into the word.
Story Plant - Grow your own story using the ideas from the story plant.
Tell-a-Story Storybuilder - Create a story using this interactive tool.
Magic Key - Unlock the secrets of sentence writing.
Magnet Words - Drag the sight words to make good sentences. See how many sentences you can make about the picture. 
Find the Antonyms - Find the words that mean the opposite.
Spelling Activities - Harcourt Brace spelling lessons
Word Wizard - Interactive spelling exercises based on children's books.
Clean Up Your Grammar - Sort the nouns and verbs into the correct recycle bin.
Dot's Story Factory - Help Dot write the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
Create a Seasonal Postcard - Choose the background, pictures and type your own text.
A Seaside Postcard - Annotate this funny seaside scene using speech bubbles. 
Field Trip to Yap - This activity was designed for Kim O'Hea's class at Brown Elementary School.  After writing persuasive letters to the principal asking for permission to take a field trip to Yap, the students will take a virtual trip.  While visiting Yap they will write postcards to the principal to communicate what they learned.
Writing Sites
Create a Seasonal Postcard - Choose the background, pictures and type your own text.
Doodle Splash - Draw a "doodle" to go along with a story.  Write a summary of the story.
Post Card Creator - Learn about the parts of a post card as you write your own. 
Letter Generator -  Learn about the parts of a letter as you write your own.
Let's Write a Letter - Interactive tutorial.  Write a business or personal letter.  Even learn how to address the envelope.
Scholastic Story Starters - Generate a funny story starter and write your story online.
Arthur's e-Cards - Pick a card, type a message and even email it to your teacher.

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