2nd Grade Science Links


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Butterfly Fun - Interactive butterfly activities. Includes the Cycles of Life activity given below.
Cycles of Life  - Drag and drop life cycles of frogs, butterflies, seeds, and trees in the correct order.
Variation in Living Things - 2 sorting and 1 writing activity about living things.  Includes a lesson plan.
Growing Plants - Help the plants grow by controlling water and light. Labeling activity included.
Health and Growth - Decide what is needed to stay healthy.
Meadow and Swamp Animals - Answer the questions.
Animal Study - Complete the graphic organizer for an animal.  Choose animal facts, animal babies, animal interactions, or animal habitats.
Animal Inquiry Words - Students explore an interactive notebook to learn about the scientific vocabulary related to the study of animals.
The Adventures of Herman - The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the worm.
Pushes and Pulls - Experiment by pushing and pulling a toy on a track.
Forces and Movement - Experiment with forces on a toy truck.
FossWeb - Online activities that support the science curriculum.
Balance and Motion: Roller Coasters - Build and test roller coasters
Health Activities - Interactive healthy kids' sites.
The Balanced Plate - Sort the foods into the correct food groups.
Sebastian Swan - Read online, non-fiction, science stories and answer questions.

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