What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

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Community Helpers - Click on each person to learn more about them.

Ben's Guide to Your Neighborhood - Click on each building to learn more.

Kids' Work - Click on the buildings in the virtual community to learn more about the people that work in each building.  Meet real people.  Click on "Job Play" to try some fun activities to show how school work relates to careers.

KidsNewsRoom: Careers - Meet real people and read about their jobs.

CareerKids.com - Click on a career to learn more about it.

What do You Like? - Click on a subject you are interested in to read about jobs that would be good for you.

My First Resume - Fill in the information online to complete your first resume.

Cool Science and Technology Jobs - Click a job on the left that you want to learn about.

Career Exploration Guides and Resources - Click on a guide you are interested in learning about