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Language Arts
Interactive Story Elements  - Watch and listen to the story of Cinderella, then interact with the elements of the story.
Past Tense - Type the past tense of these verbs in this self-checking Excel file.
Plurals - Type the plural of these "y" words in this self-checking Excel file.
Compounds Words - Drag and drop the words to make compounds words.
What Makes a Compound Word? - Interactive lesson
Compound Words - Select a list then choose "teach me" or "test me".
Word Dice - On paper list six compound words, enter half on die one and half on die two, after you list all six halves click two dice and see how many times you must roll the dice to make a real compound word. How many compound words can you make?
Irregular Verbs - 1 or 2 player Jeopardy style game to practice the past tense of irregular verbs.
Binky's Facts and Opinions - Decide if Francine and Buster are saying facts or opinions.
Fish 'Em Up - Practice adding suffixes by doubling the consonant or changing the y.
How Everyday Things are Made - Links to virtual tours, video, pictures, and/or text demonstrating how common, everyday items are made.
Reading Comprehension Activities - Hotlist of interactive links
Reading Comprehension - Read a passage and then answer questions.  Immediate feedback provided.
WordWorks - Create new words using suffixes and prefixes.
Homophones - Pick the correct word to complete the sentence.
Look, Say, Cover, Type and Check - Type in the words then practice them.
A Seaside Postcard - Complete the dialogue by filling in the speech bubbles.
MakeBeliefs Comix Creator - Create you own comic strips.
Dr. Stripp - Arrange the comic strip in the correct order then answer questions about the comic.
Story Starters - Finish the story online and print it.
Picture Prompts - Write a story based on the picture.
Tell-a-Story Storybuilder - Create a story using this interactive tool.
Magnet Words - Drag the sight words to make good sentences. See how many sentences you can make about the picture. 
Power Proofreading - Interactive proofreading activities.
Wall of Words - Make sentences from the words.
Young Writer's Workshop - Printable story starters
Using Cause and Effect Transitions - Combine pairs of sentences into one using appropriate cause and effect transitions.
Reading Skills Rocket: Cause and Effect (Alejandro's Gift) - Students complete the online activity by clicking on the correct part of the sentence.
Test Tutor: Cause and Effect (Alejandro's Gift) - Student read a passage and then practice answering cause/effect questions.

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