3rd Grade Science Links


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All Systems are Go! - Drag and drop the body systems into "Arnold" and then answer the body system questions.
The Effective Detective - Use the clues to figure out the correct description.
Rock Identification - Classify the rocks by looking at pictures and reading the test results. Record your answers on this paper.  Check your answers using the "test".
Mission Material - Test yourself on the knowledge of materials. 3 missions to experience.  Use the Material Database to learn about the materials.
Characteristics of Materials - Experiment on various materials.
Grouping and Describing Changes in Materials - 4 different activities about materials.   Includes a lesson plan outlining use of these activities.
Material Labels - Drag and drop the labels onto the correct parts of the picture.
Solids and Liquids - Heat and cool items to discover their properties.
Humans and Animal Habitats - Answer the questions about each habitat.
Habitats - Find the living things and complete the food chains.
Habitat Activities - 3 different activities about habitats.  Includes a lesson plan outline.
Food Chains - Read to learn about food chains then complete 3 different chains.
KidWings - Explore the wonders of birds.  Includes virtual owl pellet dissection!
The Amazing Human Body - Interactive human body activities.
Foss Science - Online Activities to accompany the science kits
Science Activities - Online science activities, fact sheets, and quizzes
The Virtual Body - Interactive brain, heart, skeleton, and digestive tract.
The Magic School Bus - Interactive science activities
Alien Juice Bar - Learn about acids and bases at this interactive site.

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