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The Water Cycle - Watch and label the water cycle.
Foss Water Planet - Includes an evaporation and water cycle activity.  Access the activities using the link on the left.
Design a Habitat - First learn about the black-footed ferret, then design a habitat for it to live in.
Population Growth: Rabbits - Control the environment and track the population of the rabbits.  Print this worksheet for the students to use to guide them through the activity.
Build-a-Fish - Build a fish by choosing body style, mouth, color, and pattern.  Test your fish to see if it can survive.
Amazing Reef MovieMaker - Make an animated film about life on the reef.
Energy, Electricity, and Forces - Learn and interact
Circuits and Conductors - Experiment with curcuits
Changing Circuits - Experiment with circuits.
HubbleSite - Interactive activities for space explorers.
Astro-Venture - Search for and design a habitable planet.
Earth, Sun, and Moon - Experiment with the movement of the earth and moon.
Rocks and Soils - Test the properties of various rocks.
Lunar Cycle Challenge - Students drag and drop the correct moon into the lunar cycle.
Fetch! Link-O-Vision - Match animals with facts.
Animals of the Worlds - Guess the animal by using the clues.
Foss Science - Online Activities to accompany the science kits
The Magic School Bus - Interactive science activities

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