4th Grade Social Studies Links



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Social Studies
Famous African American Research Links - Use these sites to learn about famous African Americans.
Map Skills - Practice map skills. Includes scale, grid, and compass skills.
Colonial America - Links to research sites about the 13 Colonies and Colonial America.
A Colonial Family and Community - Go back in time and investigate the daily lives of a colonial family from northeastern Connecticut.
Colonial Williamsburg Interactive
The Jamestown Online Adventure - You are the captain of the Jamestown Colony.
Colonial House - Interactive History
The Road to Revolution - Saddle up your horse and join the revolution.
An Interview with Thomas Jefferson - Ask Thomas Jefferson some questions and hear his response.
Within these Walls - Learn history by exploring the lives of the people who lived in the house over a 200 year time period.
History Mystery - Choose a history mystery and solve it using the given clues.
This Day in History - See what happened on this day or any day in history.
If You Were President- What choices would you make if you could be President?
Kids in the House - Learn about Congress
America on the Move- Discover how transportation has impacted America.

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