5th Grade Language Arts Links

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Language Arts
Mr Nussbaum's Games, Stories and More - Interactive ELA games
Past Tense - Type the past tense of these verbs in this self-checking Excel file.
Plurals - Type the plural of these "y" words in this self-checking Excel file.
Contractions - Self-checking Excel file.  Given a contraction, students type the 2 words that make the contraction.  Right-click on the link and choose Save Target as.  Save the file to the computer or the student shared drive.
Vocabulary/Word Knowledge: AWESOME ANALOGIES! - Jeopardy style game.  Choose a 1 or 2 player game.
Irregular Verbs - 1 or 2 player Jeopardy style game to practice the past tense of irregular verbs.
Harcourt Grammar Gold - Chapter 17 Irregular verbs
StoryBird - Online collaborative story writing tool.
Reading Comprehension Activities - Hotlist of interactive links
Reading Comprehension - Read a passage and then answer questions.  Immediate feedback provided.
MakeBeliefs Comix Creator - Create you own comic strips.
Tell-a-Story Storybuilder - Create a story using this interactive tool.
Word Central - Use the online dictionary, create your own dictionary, or check out the daily buzzword.
Rhyme Zone - Rhyming dictionary and thesaurus
Story Starters - Finish the story online and print it.
Power Proofreading - Interactive proofreading activities.

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