5th Grade Science Links

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Virtual Aquarium - Keep the fish alive in a virtual aquarium for 30 days by making good habitat choices. Print the handout for students to record their results.  Click on "Virtual Aquarium" to begin.
Changing Sounds - Use this interactive to experiment with volume and pitch of sounds.  Use this handout to record your findings.
How We See Things  - Drag the mirrors to reflect the light onto the correct objects.  Use this handout to record your findings.
Food Chains - Learn about food chains then complete 3 food chains.
Corpse and Robbers - Collect clues at the crime scene, investigate the clues, and solve the crime.
Invention at Play: Tinker Ball - Explore using an assortment of objects to build a path so that the ball can reach the goal.
Mechanical Madness - 3 levels of play.  Move the missing pieces into the correct positions to move the ball from start to finish.
Dragon Fly: Matter and Motion Videos - Watch these video clips to investigate motion and matter.
Dragon Fly: Living Things Videos - Investigate living things by watching these videos.
Edheads: The Compound Machine - Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create the compound machine.
Edheads: Simple Machines - Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!
Robot Factory - Build robots to do common household chores.
Forces of Wonder - Learn about different types of forces while helping the "World's Strongest Man".
Goldburger to Go - Can you perfect this Rube Goldberg invention?
Kitchen Chemistry - Experiment with acids and bases.
Disease Detective - Investigate a disease outbreak to solve the medical mystery.
Interdependence and Adaptation - Complete the food webs.
Animals, Adaptation, and the Galapagos Islands - Explore with Darwin.
Forces in Action - Experiment with forces on a moving object.
Food Webs - Put the food webs together.
Build-a-Prairie - Turn a barren plain into a healthy prairie.
Amusement Park Physics: Roller Coaster - Build your own roller coaster
FossWeb - Online activities to accompany the science kits
Amazing Reef MovieMaker - Make an animated film about life on the reef.
The Reconstructors - Travel into the future to solve medical mysteries of the past.
Endangered and Wild Animals- Links to websites for researching endangered species and wild animals.


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