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National Gallery of Art - Interactive Art that you can make online
Curious George - Mix and Paint
Mondrimat - Experiment with space, color and visual rhythm in accordance with the theories of Piet Mondrian.
Face-to-Face With Portraits from the Past - Carmine has accidentally set off a time machine, pulling five people out of the past. Can you identify them using only their portraits as a guide?
Drawing in One Point Perspective - Navigate through the lesson.
Albright-Knox Art Games - Interactive site where students can create and learn about art.
Toy Theater - Explore creative ideas with these interactive art tools.
smARTKIDS - Kids' interactive art museum site from University of Chicago
Crayola Digi-Color - Draw and color online with Crayola products.  Easy to use.
Drawing in 1 Point Perspective - Interactive instruction.
Doodle Splash - Type a story summary and draw a picture to accompany it.
BBC Something Special - Choose to "Paint Away" or to "Paint a Story"
ArtPad - Paint online.
Pattern Blocks - Online Virtual pattern blocks.
SwatchBox - Online tool for mixing and drawing with millions of colors.
PaintBox - Start with a background or draw your own.  Draw using special effects such as symmetry, warping and more.
Wallovers - Draw symmetrical designs on a square or hexagonal grid.
Art Tales - Tell a story with wildlife art.
Learn to Draw with Garfield's Cartoonists - Online videos about creating art by the cartoonist of Garfield the Cat.
National Gallery of Art Collage Machine - Make a collage online.
Destination Modern Art - Interactive Exploration
Art Safari - An adventure in looking and writing about art.
Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden - Take a virtual tour of the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden.
Make Your Own Art Online - Make your own artwork online.
The Artist's Toolkit - Explore the tools that artists use.
Mr. Picassohead - Create an online picture in the style of Picasso.
A Pintura Art Detective - Solve the case of grandpa's painting.
Stella's Jarama II - Play on art guessing game.
Coloring Mixing - Mix colors online.
Inside Art - An adventure in art history.

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