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Rhyming Activities
River Rhyming - Choose the Rhyming word to help Max. Three levels to choose from.
Rhyme Time Bingo - Find the rhyming words.
In the Nick of Rhyme - Find the rhyming words.  Includes audio.
Professor Garfield - Find the rhymes with Garfield and his gang.
Find the Rhymes - Find the 2 words that rhyme.
Reggie Loves to Rhyme - Match the rhyming words.
Another Rhyming Words Memory Game - Find the pairs of rhyming words.
Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure Chapter 2 - Help Gus and Inky finding rhyming words.
Rhyming Words - Drag and drop the rhyming words
Rhyming Words 2 - Drag and drop the rhyming words.
Words that Rhyme - Choose from 15 different word endings.
Digby Mole's Rhyme Game - 3 levels of play.

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