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CVC Activities
The Whirlyword Machine - 3 levels of CVC activities.
CVC Maker - 2 different activities with CVC words.
3-Letter House - Find the "real" CVC words.
Real or Nonsense
Clifford's Make a Word - Make real words by dragging the vowels.
Word Wheels 1 - Stop the wheels to make the correct word. CVC words
Seaside Circle Game - Spell the CVC word that you hear.
Alien Scavenger Hunt - Click on the letters that make up the CVC word.
Word Wheels 2 - Stop the wheels to make the correct word.  4 letter words with beginning digraphs
Magnetic Chat - Make words with these "magnetic letters".
Alphabet Organizer - Type words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  Print your organizer when you are done.
Word Build and Bank - Make words by adding a beginning letter or blend to a word ending.
Word Blender - Blender says word and student must choose the beginning sounds and ending sounds separately to be blended together. This site is from BBC. The British accent may make this difficult.
Blending Bowl - Blend beginning and ending sounds to make words
Orson's Waller - Match the words that Orson blends to the object.
The Hay Loft - Match the segmented words to the object.
Lanolin's Greenhouse - Make a new word by replacing the beginning sound with a new sound.  Match the new word to the object.
Pumpkin Patch - Delete the beginning sound and match it to what you hear.
Word Families
I Know That: Word Match  - Select from a variety of topics including short and long vowels, beginning and ending consonants.  When prompted to register click "maybe later".
Construct a Word - Combine letters to make words.
Word Identification
WordWorld - Several word games adapted from the PBS TV series.
See and Spell - Click and drag the letters to spell the short vowel word that matches the picture.
High Frequency Words - Drag and drop the correct word to complete the sentences.
Sight Word Matching - Concentration style game
What's the Word? - Look at the picture then click on the word that best describes the picture. 
CVC Word Machine - Click on the word that Matches the Picture
High Frequency Words II - Drag and drop the correct word to complete the sentences.
Put it on the Shelf - Drag and drop the correct picture to the word.  More words are available on Put it on the Shelf 2, Put it on the Shelf 3, Put it on the Shelf 4.
Dolch Sight Word Activities - Multiple activities for multiple grade levels.
Word Builder - Drag the letters to correctly spell the spoken word.
I Can Read - Listen and read each sentence.  Then click to answer each question.
Label That Scene - Drag and drop the labels onto the farm scene.
Reading Games - Several activities to choose from.
It's Fun to Read: All About Me - Read, play, and answer the questions.

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