A group of 6th graders are creating a model of Ancient Greece.  The model includes an exhibit of both Athens and Sparta.  You have been selected to be a tour guide for this model.  As a tour guide you will escort people on educational sightseeing tours and describe points of interest.  Therefore you will need to create a presentation that you will use to educate the tourists about Ancient Greece as you make your stops along the tour.


  In order to guide your tourists, you will adopt one of the roles listed below and gather information about your role.  You will work with three other students, who will each adopt a different role below.  Your task is to create a script for each tour stop that your group will use to explain Greek contributions to the tourists visiting the model.  Your group will be responsible to present the script to a group of tourists (your classmates).  The tour stops are included.  Tour guides must be prepared to give their presentation at either given tour stop. The four roles your group will adopt are:
  • Athenian Politician: Focuses on Athens' government and daily life.  Tour stops include the Agora and an Athenian house.
  • Spartan Historian: Focuses on the Sparta's government and daily life. Tour stops include a military camp and a Spartan house.
  • Athenian Merchant: Focuses on trade with other countries as well as their products and reasons for trading.  Additionally, the Athenian Merchant will focus on agriculture.  Tour stops include a seaport and a farm.
  • Athenian Soldier: Focuses on reasons and outcomes of the Persian War as well as Alexander the Great.  Tour stops will include the Battle of Marathon and Alexandria.
  1. The class will be divided into groups of 4.
  2. Each member of your group should select a different role from the four roles listed above.
  3. Using the web sites below as well as your textbook and other resource books, each member will gather information specific to your role as listed on your worksheet.  Website marked by the * are directly referenced on your worksheet.  
  4. Use your completed worksheet to guide the writing of your presentations.  Download this presentation guideline handout to help you organize your ideas and prepare your presentation.  You may type directly on the handout using Microsoft Word.

Athenian Politician's Worksheet

The Ancient Greeks*

Electronic Passport to Athens*

Electronic Passport to Ancient Greece

Introduction to Ancient Greece

Athens and Sparta

Citizens of Athens and Sparta

Ancient Greece : Athens

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

City States' Social Structure and Government

Thinkquest: Athens


Spartan Historian's Worksheet Electronic Passport to Sparta*

Daily Life in Ancient Greece*

Europe, Greece and Philosophy to 500BC *

Introduction to Ancient Greece

Athens and Sparta

Citizens of Athens and Sparta

Electronic Passport to Ancient Greece

City States' Social Structure and Government

Thinkquest: Sparta

Athenian Merchant's Worksheet Europe, Greece and Philosophy to 500BC* 

Electronic Passport to Ancient Greece *

Ancient Greece: Archaic Greece,800-500BC*

Ancient Greek World Economy *

Greek Geography

Economics in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Agriculture


Athenian Soldier's Worksheet Persian Wars *

Electronic Passport to the Persia *

The Persian Wars: Greece's Finest Hours *

Electronic Passport to Alexander the Great *

Ancient Greek Wars

Thinkquest: Persian Wars

  All tour guides will be graded on their individual work as well as their work as a group.  An Individual Rubric and a Group Rubric are both available.  
  Through your role as an Ancient Grecian tour guide, you have learned many things about Ancient Greece and its people.  You may now work on creating posters for the tour stops where you and your group will be making your presentation.  Below you will find sites that contain Ancient Greece clipart and other graphics. 
Greek Graphics Greece and Sites Outside of Greece

Classroom Clipart: Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Civilizations Image Gallery

Ancient Greece Clipart

Greece Clipart

DK Clipart: Ancient Greece

Ancient City of Athens: Sites and Monuments

Ancient Greek Picture Gallery

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology



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