The Links below will take you to a Hotlist of sites about each topic.

Country Research Links - Student friendly sites to use to research countries
 How Everyday Things are Made - Links to virtual tours, video, pictures, and/or text demonstrating how common, everyday items are made.
Christmas Around the World - Read and learn about holiday traditions from around the world.
 Election Hotlist - Interactive, kid-friendly websites to use to learn about the election and the candidates.
 What do You Want to Be?  - Career links for younger kids.
Delaware Tourism - A research project for Star Hill 4th grade.  Includes links for researching about locations and events in Delaware.
Healthy Living - A research project for Star Hill 5th grade.  Include links for researching healthy living topics.
Famous Women in History - These links are for a 5th grade class at Brown to use for researching a personally selected female in history.
 Delaware History - These links were put together for students at Brown to use to learn about Delaware and its history.
 Habitats - These links were put together for Star Hill 3rd graders to use to learn about animal habitats.
1940'S and WW II Memorabilia  - Links for pictures and posters.
US History Links - From Columbus to the Vietnam War, these links were put together for students at Brown for research.
 World Monuments and Landmarks - Links for Frear Elementary students to use to learn about landmarks.
Famous African Americans - Use these sites to learn about famous African Americans.
Go Free or Die - Links for learning about Harriett Tubman and the Underground Railroad.

ABC Book Resources - Informational and graphic resources for creating ABC books.  Topics originally chosen for Mrs. Schultz's 1st graders.

Explorers - Use these links to research famous explorers.  Includes links for explorer graphics.

States - Links that can be used to learning about the 50 states.

Native Americans - Resources originally put together for 4th grade students.

Rainforest - Good links for studying the rainforest and its plants and animals.
Elections - Sites that can be used for learning about the elections.
Careers - Links for investigating careers.

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