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Bernstein Bears: What's Wrong with this Picture - Pick a scene and click on the things that are wrong.
Oddball - Which on doesn't belong?  Choose animals, shapes, or machines.
Tina's World - Follow the directions to find the bugs.
Card Maker - Design and print your own card.
What's the Order - Put the pictures in the correct sequence. Doesn't work well on the Apples.  May want to use this on your classroom computers.  Lot's of advertising.
Fun with Spot - Play with Spot the dog.
Animal Study - Interactive graphic organizers about animals.
Make-a-Bear - Make a bear online.
Fisher Price online games - Choose a game to play.
Caillou - Games adapted from the PBS show.
Literacy Center - Upper/Lowercase Letters, Shapes, Numbers, Words, Colors, Printing, Keyboard Skills
Little Animals Activity Center - Learn and play with Digby and his friends.
PBS Kids: Games - Educational, fun games from PBS
Learning Planet - Number, ABC, memory, and time skills
Between the Lions - Games adapted from the PBS series.
Sesame Street Game Room - Games adapted from the PBS series.
Bob the Builder - Number, letter and shape activities
Coloring Book - Choose a picture to color online.
CBeebies online games - Choose a game to play online.

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