Kindergarten Literacy Links


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Custom Mini Book - Students add their own information and then print this mini book.  A custom book is available for boys and for girls.
The Internet Picture Dictionary - Choose animals, sports, numbers, musical instruments and more.
Word World - Letter, word and sound activities from PBS Kids.
PawPark - Arrange the bears in ABC order.
What's in the Bag - Use the descriptive words to figure out what's in the bag.
Clifford - Read a story, play a game, have some fun with the Big Red Dog.
Preschool Story Place - Online stories, activities, and more.
Learn to Read at Starfall - Online reading activities.
Picture Match - Students match picture cards with letter sounds.
Leo Loves to Spell - Letter matching
Nina Loves to Name Things - Name the things that belong.
Reggie Loves to Rhyme - Match the rhyming words.
Rhyme Time - Match the rhyming words.
Paw Park - Match the upper and lower case letters.
Word Family Sort - Select a vowel to complete a word sort in that vowel family.  Sorted lists are printable.
Story Bear's Stories - 3 interactive stories.
Coconut Words - Click on the word that will complete each sentence.
Egg Decorating - Type and arrange letters.
Alphabet Practice Pad - Use your mouse to write letters.
Alphabet Organizer - Type words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  Print your organizer when you are done.
Writing Sites
Create a Seasonal Postcard - Choose the background, pictures and type your own text.
Doodle Splash - Draw a "doodle" to go along with a story.  Write a summary of the story.
Let's Book it with Tech'Knowledge'y: Shape Book - Shape books that can be downloaded and typed on using Microsoft Word.
Post Card Creator - Learn about the parts of a post card as you write your own. 
Letter Generator -  Learn about the parts of a letter as you write your own.
Scholastic Story Starters - Generate a funny story starter and write your story online.
Arthur's e-Cards - Pick a card, type a message and even email it to your teacher.

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