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Foss: Air and Weather - Click on "What's the Weather" on the left to help the bear dress for the weather.

Body Parts - Drag and drop the name of each body part to the correct picture.
Eye on the Sky - Record information about today's weather.
Penguin Puzzle - Jigsaw puzzle
Animal Diversity - Online book with questions.
Where do I Live? - Drag each animal to its home.  Two levels of play.
Odd One Out - Find the card that doesn't belong.
Animal Homes - Decide where each animal lives.  3 levels of play.
Polar Bear Puzzle - Drag and drop the pieces.
Foss Web K-2 - Interactive activities that support the science curriculum.
Everyday is Earth Day - Drag and drop them trash into the correct recycle bins.
The Farm - Come outside to learn about different areas of the farm.
Weather - Dress for the weather.
Sound and Hearing - Experiment with making sounds.
Growing Plants - Keep the plant alive and watch it grow.
Visit the Dentist with Marty - Interactive Dental story.
Make a Snowman - Build your own virtual snowman.

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