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Social Studies
US Symbols Match Game - Concentration style.
I Read Signs - What does each sign mean?
Build a Neighborhood - Pick a setting and build the community.
Build a Community - Move houses and buildings into the community
All Together - Sequence the pictures to show what community helpers do.
What Do We Need - Sort the food, clothing, and shelter.
Then and Now - Match items of today with items from long ago.
Then and Now II - Match items of today with items from long ago.
Products and their Producers - Matching
Goods or Services? - Drag and drop.
USA Flag - Put the flag together.
Whose Home is it? - Match the animal or person with the correct home.
Communities: What they provide us - Match each person to the correct job.
Workers and their Hats - Match the hat with the job.
Community Helpers - Learn about the jobs of community helpers.
Street Scene Labels - Choose between 2 community settings and describe the scene.

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