Online Interactive Tools



My Brochure Maker - Make and print a brochure or flyer.
Letter Generator - Interactive tool that teaches the parts of a letter and helps student write and print a letter.
Project Poster - Students make and display a poster on the Web.
Persuasion Map - Tool to help students map out their argument for a persuasive essay or debate.
Comic Creator - Students can compose their own comic strips.
MakeBeliefs Comix Creator - Create you own comic strips.
Grow a Tree - Online family tree maker.
Read Write Think Printing Press - Designed to assist students in creating newspapers, brochures, flyers, and booklets.
Webbing Tool - Free-form graphic organizer
Timeline - Create timelines with this tool.
Time for Kids Mag-O-Matic - Create a magazine cover.
 Bio Cube - Use this tool to summarize a person's life.
 Book Cover Creator - Make and print a book cover online.
 Poetry Idea Engine - Create Haikus, Limericks, and more.
 Book Report Sandwich - Put all the ingredients together to make a great book report.
 Character Trading Cards - Make a trading card by completing the questions.
 Flip Book Creator - Use this tool to design a flip book.
 Doodle Splash - Use this tool to draw and write a story summary.
Venn Diagram (2 Circles) - Handy classroom tool that guides students through the process of organizing information into a Venn diagram.
Venn Diagram (3 Circles) - Same as above only with 3 circles.
Story Map - Interactive set of graphic organizers designed to assist teachers and students in prewriting and post-reading activities.
Read Write Think Student Materials Index - Many of the tools above come from Read Write Think.  This link takes you to a list of all their available interactive tools.  Once you are on the index, click on a link to access the tool and lesson plans that use the interactive tool.
Create a Graph - Create graphs online. Choose from area, line, bar, and pie graphs.
Illuminations Interactive Math Tools  - Interactive tools you can use to explore math and create interactive lessons.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics - Online math manipulatives categorized by grade level and subject.
Shodor Math Activities Index - List of interactive activities for exploring Elementary mathematics. - Online student dictionary
 Bookmark Factory- Create and print a bookmark online.

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