Each building in the Caesar Rodney School District has at least one cart of COWS (computers on wheels).  The COWS enable teachers to bring the computers into their classroom to integrate technology into their curriculum and instruction. Teachers should check with their building liaison and/or library media specialist to determine their particular building's sign-out procedures.  
District COW Policy
While there are differences in the COWS from building to building, there are some policies that need to be implemented district-wide.
  • Carts should be plugged in at all times.
  • Carts must be returned each day to their designated "home".
  • Teachers only should plug and unplug the laptops in the cart.
  • Laptops must be returned and plugged into the correct slot in the cart, matching up numbers.
  • Teachers must keep a record of  students and which laptop they use.
  • Report any technical issues to your building tech liaison.
COW Record Keeping (Modify as needed)
Use this form to record the names of the students with the computer they are using.  This makes reporting of technical issues easier as well as helping to monitor and ensure proper computer use by students.

SideKick PowerPacks TM
SideKick PowerPacks TM are external batteries that provide an all-day battery life solution. Currently, the SideKicks are being tested at Simpson Elementary School and Fifer Middle School before deployment of this solution district wide.  EarthWalk, the manufacturer of the SideKick PowerPacksTM, provides usage recommendations in their article Maximizing your SideKick Batteries.