Lending Labs

To help teachers to integrate technology into their lessons, we have a number of technology tools to lend.  Please email us to let us know what you would like to borrow for your instruction.
6 ipods docked in a kit with 6 recorders.   Teachers will need to install Itunes to download content.
Digital Cameras
4 Kodak Easy Shares in a kit.  Individual camera cases are also available.
Video Cameras
Canon Mini Digital Video Camcorder ZR 2300 with case.
Canon Digital Video Camcorder ZR 60 with case
The is a wireless mobile device that acts like a mini SMART Board allowing a teacher to control his/her computer from anywhere in the room.
Elmo Document Camera
Works with your LCD to project on the screen. Great for sharing student work, manipulatives, and more.
Web Cam
The web cam can be used to communicate with content experts or other classrooms in the school, state, country, or world using video and audio.
Desktop Microphones
A set of nine for students to record digital photostories, narrations, skype audio, SMART board recordings, etc.