Technology Lessons

Lesson Title
GradeBrief Description

Fun with Shapes


Read aloud story about shapes and interactive shape activity.                


K-1Students will complete the online picture patterns.

Butterfly Fun

1-2Complete a life cycle activity and color a butterfly picture online.  Additional Butterfly/Life Cycle activities included.

Insect Hunt

1-2Students will find all the insects in a land and a water environment. 
Doodle Splash1-4Students read an online story then draw a "doodle" to represent the story.  Students write a story summary, doodle explanation, and significance of the doodle to the story.

Roller Coasters

2Students build and observe roller coasters online to explore motion. 

Balance Activity

2Use an online pan balance to explore weights.

Shape Sorter

2-3Categorize and sort shapes using Venn diagrams.

Travel the Underground Railroad

3Travel the railroad to freedom.  Meet important people along the way.


3Investigate common inventions, inventors and how these inventions have changed our lives.  

State Information

3Use selected Internet resources to find out information about the 50 states.

Running a Business

3-5Make and analyze decisions about running a lemonade stand based on supply, demand, weather, etc.

Virtual Aquarium

4Keep the fish alive in a virtual aquarium for 30 days by making good habitat choices.

Fraction Action

4-5 Students will use an online interactive program to represent, compare, and name fractions.

Variables and Patterns Using Excel

7This is a 3-day Excel lesson designed to accompany the "Variables and Patterns" unit in the 7th grade Connected Mathematics Series.

Holocaust Spreadsheet Activity

7-8Lesson using Excel to analyze Holocaust data prior to reading The Diary of Anne Frank.

Broadway Here We Come

7-8Webquest in which students research a Broadway show and plan their agenda while visiting New York.

Matrix Transformations with Excel

8-10Students use Excel to transform graphs using matrix multiplication.  Download a student Matrix Spreadsheet, Excel directions, and a student questions sheet.