Safari Montage School Sites (only accessible from inside the district) 

CR High SchoolBrownCharlton DAFBMSsafari girls
SimpsonStar HillStokesWelch
Download instructions Upload instructionsTitle Naming Protocol:  "Content Area, Topic, School, Teacher"
ex: Math, Equivalent Fractions, STO, Galgano
How to Upload Video
School Codes: STO, BRO, SIM, MCI, AF, WEL, SH,  CHA, PMS, FMS, CRHSContent Area Codes: Math, ELA, SS, Science, Life Skills, Library, Art, Music

Note: If you have any trouble downloading files, you may need to add add your school Safari Montage page to "Trusted Sites" in your Internet Explorer Settings.  Watch this video for how to do this.