Flip Video
This tutorial shows how to use the Flip Video camera as well as how to download the videos to a computer for viewing, saving, and editing, and how to connect the camera to the classroom LCD projector.  (3/10)
PhotoStory 3 
This tutorial shows how to use Photo Story 3 for Windows to create visually compelling and fun stories using pictures and music. This tutorial walks you through the basics of creating a photo story and shows you how easy and fun it can be!  (11/09) Concept Mapping Tool
This tutorial shows step-by-step how to use the online concept mapping or webbing tool at The tutorial includes "exporting" the image into another applications such as Word or PowerPoint. (5/09)
This tutorial will help you install and set up Filezilla.  Filezilla is used to transfer your web page files from your computer to your web space.  (10/07)
eSchool Teacher Access
This tutorial will help teachers set up their eSchool gradebooks.  It is only available from school.
FrontPage XP
This tutorial will help you create a classroom web site using FrontPage XP. (07/07/04)
Beginning Outlook XP
Tutorial to help you get started using OutlookIncludes understanding the Outlook bar, effective use of email including attachments, organizing email into folders, creating a contact list, distribution lists, and appointments. (09/10/03)
Beginning Microsoft Word XP
Introduction to Microsoft Word XP.  Includes font, paragraph, and page formatting.  Covers inserting Clipart, WordArt, borders, and tables and more.  
PowerPoint XP
PowerPoint XP Tutorial.  Includes formatting text, adding backgrounds, inserting graphics, animations, transitions, and more.